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Q. I am a FERS employee and had nine years of active-duty military time and 11 years of reserve before becoming a federal employee. I bought this active-duty time back. Now I have 16 years as a federal employee and the nine years of military time. My understanding is that under FERS, the military time is creditable service up front (I have 25 years of creditable service for retirement purposes). Is this correct? At 60 years old, I’m receiving military retirement. Do I need to waive my military retirement in order to receive FERS retirement or have two separate retirements?

Here it is, mid-September. And those of you who have the right amount of age and service are asking, “What’s the best date to retire?” While there is no single best date to retire – sorry about that! – some dates are better than others. Let me explain. Time of Month The time of month that’s best to retire is different for CSRS and FERS. If you are a FERS employee, you have to retire no later than the last day of a month if you want to be on the annuity roll in the following month, If you…

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