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Leave without pay


Q. I read on your site that leave without pay under six months in a calendar year counts as creditable service.  But I also read where it doesn’t count toward the retirement calculation. I am CSRS but only have 19 years of law enforcement officer status as of June 10, 2014. Can I take a few months of LWOP in 2014 and 2015 and have this time count toward my 20-year LEO retirement computation if the LWOP is under six months in 2014 and under six months in 2015? Will the LWOP time under six months in each of these…

Disability retirement


Q. I am 46 years old and coming up on 23 years of federal law enforcement service. Under our retirement calendar, we must retire at age 57. I could retire voluntarily at 49 with 25 years of service. I am considering a disability retirement due to a recent injury that has left my body, which has had many prior on-the-job injuries, racked with pain, and I can no longer perform my job. Will the following years that will count into my federal total time in service, once on disability retirement, continue until my 57th or 62nd birthday under normal retirement…

Disability retirement and SRS


Q. I am a federal law enforcement officer. I have an accepted workers’ compensation claim, and it appears that I am no longer physically able to perform the duties of my job. I do not appear to be completely disabled, so I probably can’t get Office of Workers’ Compensation Program disability. I am four years short of being eligible for the minimum needed for enhanced law enforcement retirement. If I obtain an Office of Personnel Management disability annuity, am I eligible to obtain the special retirement supplement until age 62?

6(c) retirement


Q. I was employed 19 years as a law enforcement officer in a 6(c) position under FERS. My agency closed my post of duty and attempted to locate me some 300 miles away. It should be noted that the agency and agents had a mobility agreement in place. Due to family issues, I resigned. After a couple of years, I returned to an LEO position. However, it is not designated as a 6(c) position. I am getting ready to retire. Because of the closing of my duty station, and a relocation outside my commuting area, am I still entitled to…

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