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Q. Where are all these early retirement/buyouts happening? I’m definitely not seeing them in my department  at the VA — we haven’t had widespread early retirement/buyout authority since the 1990s!

Q. With the Social Security supplement for FERS employees, I know there is an income limit at which this phases out. Is this income limit based on what you actual earn, or is it taxable income? For example, could I work and earn $20,000 and put that into my 401(k) plan, thus giving me no taxable income for the year, and still get my Social Security supplement up to age 62?

Q. I was a federal retired disabled annuitant from Aug. 14, 2013 until May 31, 2015, when I was hired by the State Department after receiving a kidney transplant six months ago. The human resources department says the 20 months of disability retirement constitutes as a break in service; they have recalculated my previous Service Computation Date of July 17, 2000 to May 4, 2002. I was told by OPM that my disability does not count as a break in service. Is this accurate? If not can you direct me to the Fed Regs to dispute this? 

Q. I had 16 years of CSRS from 1980-1996. I left federal service in 1996 and took my money out. The amount to pay it back with interest is too much. I then returned to federal service in 2010 and have become part of CSRS Offset. I plan to work for 10 more years, which will give me 15 years of CSRS Offset. How much will my annuity be reduced by not paying back the 16 years of CSRS I had?

Q. I was injured on the job Nov. 5, 2013, and have been on leave without pay since then. I am 61 and a half years old, and plan on retiring at the end of 2015 when I reach 62 years old. I have been with VA for 5 years. I have applied for SSD but haven’t heard anything yet. I am receiving OWCP compensation. Does it pay for me to apply for OPM disability retirement at this point? I am still being seen by my surgeon but OWCP can be capricious.

Q. I worked for the U.S. Postal Service for one month in 1974 and then left to join the Navy. After serving four years in the Navy, I applied for reinstatement to the Postal Service and was rehired in February 1980 under CSRS. I left the Postal Service in September 1984 and collected my retirement earnings. I was rehired by the Postal Service in November 1986 and placed under FERS. I have bought back my four years of military time. I would like to make a redeposit for the CSRS period of four years and seven months. What terms and/or interest rates…

Q. I began working for OPM as a background investigator on Aug. 23, 1992. I was terminated involuntarily through a Reduction in Force on May 3, 1994. I was hired with the Department of Justice on June 26, 1994. My previous Service Computation Date (Leave) was dated Aug. 23, 1992, on my SF-50B. My Leave on my SF-50B was dated Oct. 15, 1992, after I began work for DOJ, which apparently reflects the days without government employment. On a recent personal account statement, my retirement date reads June 26, 1994, which is the date that I began working at DOJ. It appears…

Q. I worked for the United States Postal Service as a regular employee for nine years and 11 months. I left for the private sector. Do I have any sort of pension with them besides the thrift savings plan? I didn’t get a refund of my retirement contributions when I left.

Q. I would like to retire in 4 years with 25 years in a position that falls under 6c. I retired at the age of 49. I’m interested in full-time work in the private sector. How would that affect my 6c enhancements supplement through the Office of Personnel Management? Would there be a limit on the amount of money I can make? Will my supplement be reduced?