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Part time and health care


Q. I have been permanent part time as a TSO with the TSA for approximately 10 years and have been enrolled in FERS and Blue Cross/Blue Shield for all of my employment. Will I be allowed to carry my health insurance into retirement when I retire at 62 or do you have to be full time?

Adding husband to insurance


Q. I work for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and I will be mandatory in 2-1/2 years. I got married in December and my husband is covered by VA. If I add my husband to my health insurance during open season in 2014, will he be able to remain when I retire in January 2016? I’m wondering because he will not have been on my insurance for five years.

Health insurance after retirement


Q. I am 53-year-old female who retired on disability from USPS in 2007. My husband still works at USPS, and I am on his Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance. We are divorcing, and I need my health insurance due to my disability. I need to know if I am eligible for insurance through the USPS since I am a former employee under FERS. Any info will be helpful.

FEHB and surviving spouse


Q. Where do I find specific details for the exception to let my surviving spouse continue in FEHB if I do not chose a partial or full survivor annuity? Or is there such an exception? In a 2013 Pre-Retirement Planning class manual dealing with Current Spouse Survivorship, it states surviving spouses who do not receive a survivor annuity cannot continue FEHB. It also states there is an exception for spouses married 30 years or more. I am retired Navy O-5 using both FEHB and Tricare Prime, married 37 years, and trying to decide what to do about health insurance when I…

Health insurance options for retirees


Q. I recently read your comment regarding Medicare part A and Blue Cross coverage being sufficient for most retirees (according to NARFE). In your opinion, would Medicare parts A and B be sufficient for most retirees without Blue Cross coverage? It appears to me that route would be cheaper, but would the coverage be as good? Also, have there been any developments concerning self-plus-one rates for any of the health insurance policies offered to employees or retirees? A. Only you can determine if the coverage would be as good for you. As for the self-plus-one option, OPM has postponed implementing…

FERS MRA+10 and heath coverage


Q. If my wife chose to retire now, at her minimum retirement age of 56 with 13 years of FERS service, would she be able to postpone her annuity until age 60?  She currently carries FEHB (self), as long as she has had it the last five years, can I pick her up under my FEHB (self+1 or family) once she retires and then when she becomes 60 she can reinstate her own self-plan at that point?

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