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Q. I am a 53-year-old FERS employee who will have 16 years of service (including nine years of military buyback) at age 56. I will meet the requirements of MRA+10 at age 56 and will have been in the Federal Employees Health Benefits plan for more than five years by then. I am trying to understand if it is possible for me to retire at or after age 56 and defer the receipt of my annuity to reduce or avoid the age penalty, then re-enroll in FEHB when I begin receiving the annuity. I have read all the previously answered…

Q. I am thinking about canceling my health insurance to go under my spouse’s plan. He is not an employee of the government. I have been with the government for 25 years. I know you must carry the insurance for five years in a row to carry it into retirement. I am not in that window. If I cancel it, can I re-enroll later if I decide to get back on (for example, in open season 2015)?

Q. Our Postal Service plant is going through a transfer of function. Jobs are being offered out of the area. If I refuse a position, I want to postpone my annuity until age 60 with more than 28 years of service. I have been told by human resources that if I postpone, I will not receive the special retirement supplement. Also, I will not continue Federal Employees Health Benefits during my postponement because of cost out of pocket but restart FEHB once my annuity begins at 60. Is this all possible?

Q. I think I am overinsured. I am a civil service retiree and I have Medicare (parts A and B) and Blue Cross/Blue Shield (Standard Option). It is very hard to decide if I have duplicate coverage. I have talked to BC/BS and the Office of Personnel Management, but neither will commit to an answer. Since these are getting very expensive (and probably more costs to come), I would like to drop either Part B or BC/BS standard option (perhaps revert to Basic) unless they would all be required for complete coverage.

Q. My husband is planning to retire from the government under FERS at age 62 with 27 years. We have a health insurance family plan under his name. I started to work for the government almost four years ago. I am a part-time employee (about 48-50 hours per pay period). I will not be able to collect any pension for many years, and I do not plan to stay on the job after my husband retires, so no annuity for me. If my husband decides to retire earlier with a postponed retirement, it is my understanding that he will have…

Q. I am a 45-year-old FERS employee with 10 years of service in the federal government and having Federal Employees Health Benefits from when I started, wanting to retire (at 45). Am I eligible for federal health insurance when I reach my minimum retirement age (58)? Or can I retire at 45 and rejoin the federal service (and take FEHB) at 56 or 57 and retire at 58 to get FEHB?

Q. I am a FERS employee and may have to postpone my retirement without suffering the age penalty. I am over 59 with 28 years of service. If I postpone my retirement until age 60 and do not carry the optional insurance that I will have to pay for plus 2 percent, would I still be eligible to restart my Blue Cross/Blue Shield coverage once my retirement begins. It will be almost six months that I will not have coverage. I have been enrolled in an insurance plan throughout my entire career. Also, if I am given separation papers involuntarily…

Q. I want to see if I can suspend my medical insurance (I am retired FERS). I have taken a part-time job that offers medical benefits if I want them. I need to make a decision soon and was told that when I retired, I would be able to suspend my medical if I found work. What is the amount I can earn before I have to pay back to the Social Security (as I am 59), and do I pay back dollar for dollar?

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