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Q. I have no plans to retire until I reach my MRA+30. I will reach my minimum retirement age in 2017. I will not have 30 years until July 2, 2019, by which point I plan to have about 1,300 hours of sick leave. Can I retire around Jan. 1, 2019, and have my unused my sick leave to calculate out to 30 years of service with no penalty?

Q. I have left the government with 12 years of service and bought military time of 10 years. I am now 59 years of age. I am under FERS. Can I apply for retirement this year (I’ll be 60) to receive retirement pay without penalty? I don’t want to have pension reduced or penalized under 62. I was also in the Navy Reserve and got activated for almost a year. I heard that my retirement age would be reduced 90 days. Does that mean my retirement starts three months before my birthday? My birth month is September. What month can I apply?

Q. I am CSRS Offset. It is my understanding that when I apply for Social Security, a portion of my CSRS Offset retirement will be SS. My question involves my husband’s collection of his SS.  When he passes, will I be eligible for his SS? I know his is more and we are making retirement plans for him.

Q. I am 55 and under FERS. My minimum retirement age is 56, and I will be eligible for retirement June 22.  About the penalty of 5 percent for each year under 62: Since I am six years from age 62, does this mean my annuity will be reduced 30 percent from day one of retirement? Or does it mean it will be reduced 5 percent annually for each of the years between 56 and 62?

Q. I got a letter from the National Association of Retiring Federal Employees stating, “Federal agencies are now re-employing federal retirees on a limited part-time basis without an offset to their annuity.” Can you explain this a little further? How would I find and apply for one of these positions?

Q. I started working for the Postal Service in 1983. I also worked before that for the Navy and other places and have received a Social Security Administration statement saying I will be eligible for Social Security benefits at age 66. Is there a percentage that is deducted from either my Postal Service retirement or Social Security benefits? What is CSRS Offset? Am I in that, or would I know if I were?

Q. I retired in 2004 under the D.C. Police and Firefighters Retirement System (Metro Plan) and immediately re-entered the federal government as a permanent full-time employee. My second career will consist of 11 years. I assume I will be able to continue to receive my current annuity and draw a smaller second annuity from my 11-year service. Is that true?

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