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Q. I have 12 years of full-time employment and am MRA +10. Instead of retiring outright, I was thinking of going to half-time for a year or two. I understand my share of health insurance premiums will go up dramatically while I am employed part-time, but what will happen when I finally retire? Will my share go back to the full-time amount, or will I continue to pay the extra half? This is a major part of my decision to stay on because my pension would barely cover the increased amount.

Q. I retired in 2008 with 33 years credited, of which three were in the military. I never bought back my military time. I am almost 59 now and have 35 quarters of Social Security banked. I understand that if I get over 40 before I turn 62, my pension will be affected. Most of my Social Security quarters earned were either military (in the 1970s; wasn’t much) and part-time work. So I do not have much money vested in Social Security. If I get 40 quarters and my pension is offset, how can I figure how much that will…

Q. I am 50 years old and have worked for the Department of the Navy for 25 years under FERS. The last five years of my career has been part time (20 hours per week). My wife has also worked for the Navy for 12 years (full time under FERS) and provides our Federal Employee Health Benefits family plan coverage. I have been covered by an FEHB plan consecutively for over 25 years. If I were offered early retirement, could I pick up the FEHB family plan coverage and carry it into retirement with me? If not, why not?

Q. I am turning 65 in December. I am retired from the federal government and have Aetna HMO. I am also retired from the Army Reserve and have Tricare and I am 30 percent disabled from the Veterans Affairs Department (diabetic). I live in New Jersey with my wife at 59; my son is still in college at 22; my 19-year-old daughter is also in college. I work part time and use my retirement health care and Tricare to cover myself and family. I am not filing for Social Security until I am 66. I am totally confused on Medicare…

Q. I work part time and carry self-only health insurance, using my husband’s nongovernment health insurance for the family since it’s less expensive. Upon our retirement: 1. Can we drop my husband’s health insurance, switch my self-only insurance to self-and-family insurance?  Or would I have to carry family insurance for the five years, not just self-only? 2. Also, I’m carrying the least expensive health insurance. Once I retire, can I switch to a better health insurance, or am I limited in some way because I’ve been paying so little over my active federal government years?

Q. I have over 25 years of service as a full-time employee under FERS. I plan to switch to working part time for the next year or two before I retire. I know that I’ll pay a higher Federal Employees Health Benefits premium while in part-time status because the government pays proportionally less. When I retire, will I have to continue paying the higher premium or will the government share revert to what it was when I was in full-time status?

Q. My husband is planning to retire from the government under FERS at age 62 with 27 years. We have a health insurance family plan under his name. I started to work for the government almost four years ago. I am a part-time employee (about 48-50 hours per pay period). I will not be able to collect any pension for many years, and I do not plan to stay on the job after my husband retires, so no annuity for me. If my husband decides to retire earlier with a postponed retirement, it is my understanding that he will have…

Q. Last week, I told Joplin Social Security that I was going to retire Nov.30, but my work has asked me to work half days for a few months. Will this affect my first Social Security check in January? How much can I make without paying a penalty? Do I have to tell the Joplin office that I am going to work 20 hours after I told them I was going to retire Nov. 30?

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